Art Deco earrings in the twenties complemented the short hairstyles and (relatively) short, straight low waisted  dresses. The earrings were elongated pendants wider at the base in a variety of designs suspended from a small surmount. Precious jewels were generally of platinum set with diamonds or rubies, emeralds, sapphires, aquamarines or jade although other gemsturquoise, coral, lapis lazuli and particularly onyx accents were utulised. Thirties earrings complemented the bolder yet feminine aesthetic and fashions of the decade. Fashions became more womanly and elegant. Hair was worn short or in curls on top of the head. Earrings became larger covering the ear lobe, some with smaller detachable drops. Earrings typically were a scroll or shell design sometimes embellished with veloutes. The introduction of earclips around the 1930s allowed earrings to be focused on the lobe or up the ear and to be quite large. These were significant changes. 

Art Deco diamond cluster pendant earrings

Art Deco diamond cluster pendant earrings

The perfect length Art Deco diamond drop earrings with sparkling movement from the diamond clusters to catch the eye and a discreet chain to keep the cluster safe.


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