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An impressive art deco solitaire diamond ring

An impressive art deco solitaire diamond ring

Announcing an exciting new addition to our James Alfredson website. A Special Jewel of the month feature. A special jewel will be presented each month for a special promotion for that month only.

Our first Special Jewel of the Month is this very fine and beautiful handmade Art Deco diamond and platinum ring.
Every woman dreams of owning an exceptionally beautiful ring – a ring so beautiful it takes the breath away. This ring is the stuff that dreams are made of  - a ring which marries a strikingly beautiful period setting with a beautiful original large diamond.
Today authentic Art Deco jewellery, the first truly modern jewellery and some of the most dazzling jewellery ever seen, is enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity. This superb authentic Art Deco ring from the 1920s features a large important solitaire transition cut diamond (3.40 carats, K, VS2, diameter almost 10mm.). Transition cut diamonds – the cut between the historic Old European and Modern Brilliant are much sought after- with broad flashes of light from the large table facet enhancing the impressiveness of the diamond. The elegant classicism of the design and detailed setting appears deceptively simple with the mount incorporating baguette diamonds and smaller round transition cut diamonds on the shoulders and at the sides below the girdle. The baguette cut, a new cut invented in the Art Deco era around 1923 to enhance the geometric lines of the Art Deco jewellery aesthetic, was not widely used until around 1929.This ring was avant-garde when it was created around 1925 in its use of the baguette cut in juxtaposition to the curves of the transition cut of the solitaire diamond. The ring is realised in platinum, the premier metal of choice for fine jewellers in the Art Deco era. Platinum began to be used more widely in the early twentieth century when technological advances allowed jewellers to create  mounts with finer, crisp, delicate detail and of greater strength than was possible in any other metal.
Iconic design, modernity, contemporary wearability, fine workmanship, tradition and history make this ring as timelessly desirable and relevant now for the modern woman of today as for the great twentieth century women of "substance and style" who were seduced by Art Deco jewellery in the 1920s and 1930s. This ring has now sold.


Art Deco. C. 1925-6

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