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An Art Deco aquamarine and diamond necklet set in white gold


A large vibrant sky blue aquamarine dominates the centre of the ice white diamonds of this striking Art Deco necklace, demanding attention while simultaneously epitomising quality and enduring design.

This is very much a necklace of the Art Deco era. In the earlier Belle Epoque era prior to the Art Deco period when the delicate pastel colours of the feminine fashions were complimented by delicate, pastel coloured gems such as sea green aquamarines, paler sapphires, amethysts, moonstones, pearls and diamonds a sea green aquamarine would have created a completely different, more delicate and romantic effect.

As the world changed lifestyles changed and jewellery and fashion subtly evolved in the Art Deco period, the strong sky blue colour of the aquamarine in this necklace was favoured as the colour reflecting the time. Style as well as the colour of aquamarine jewellery evolved in the Art Deco period. Whereas the garland style of the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century featured romantic swags, leaves, flowers, tendrils and garlands Art Deco jewellery favoured a more robust and geometric design reflecting the changing attitudes, life styles and fashions of the new era. While the necklace still features curves these are not delicate romantic garlands but are more geometric, spare and sharp - arcs, curved arrow heads and gentlycurved lines merging into the delicately worked chain. Geometric lines seldom featured in Belle Epoque and Edwardian jewellery but are a significant design element in Art Deco jewellery.

Today the combination of delicacy and robustness, detail and sparseness, coloured gem and diamond, history and modernity of this very beautiful and very wearable Art Deco necklace still speak to the contemporary woman.

The perfect jewel for summer and the festive season.

A special jewel at a special price for October


Very good
Art Deco

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