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A diamond and sapphire early Art Deco bombe ring


Bombe rings originated in the Edwardian era. Authentic period examples are now highly sought after as unique and exciting vintage rings for those who want a truly different and individual, one-of-a-kind ring from the days when jewellery was meticulously and proudly crafted by hand before mass production. Authentic period Bombe rings with their unique shape and style have become one of the most popular choices as dramatic dress rings and unique engagement rings to celebrate a unique and special relationship. Nowadays reproduction bombe rings are frequently found but the truly unique one-of-a-kind  Edwardian and Art Deco bombe ring with genuine old cut diamonds has become rare.

The French word “bombe”- in English “bomb” -describes its distinctive rounded shape. The adoption of platinum in the Edwardian period which led into the Art Deco period enabled strong but fine bombe mounts to be created in a wide variety of designs. The original bombe rings from the Edwardian era reflected the aesthetics of the period with fine feminine detail manifested in curves, florals, garlands and lacy romantic designs.

This stunning bombe ring is an early example of Art Deco jewellery which is eagerly collected now as the first truly modern jewellery. Dramatic changes of style reflected dramatic changes in the world. 

This Early Art Deco bombe ring is bolder in size and style than previous Edwardian bombe and domed rings which were considerably finer- more feminine than striking. The star shaped border of varied custom calibre cut sapphires is sharp and geometric in contrast to the earlier diamond furling ribbon borders and curves of Belle Epoque jewellery. Calibre cut gem accents particularly of blue sapphires, green emeralds and red rubies with their sharp geometric lines and vivid colours in bold contrast and tension to the white round diamonds and geometric curves in the design became frequent and distinctive features of early Art Deco jewellery in the nineteen twenties. 

The diamonds of this period are still the lovely mellow old cuts, each with its own individual character. This large old brilliant cut 1.5 carat diamond is completely surrounded by old single and old cut diamonds their settings enhanced with fine millegrain. The head of the ring merges to the wreath–design engraved band-  a feature which carried over from the Edwardian/ Belle Epoque rings before the sparseness and boldness of the bands from the 1930s.  

This merging of historic design, detail, romance and history with early contemporary sharpness creates the tension which makes these truly unique handmade Early Art Deco jewels so desirable and feel so right to our modern sensibilities.

A very Special Early Art Deco ring at a very special price for the month of March. If you have been coveting this ring, now is the time to visit James Alfredson.


Very good
Early twentieth century

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