A rare Antique silver manchette

A rare Antique silver manchette

Incredibly gorgeous

A rare antique silver manchette designed as an extremely fine lace cuff with a frill of delicate silver lace embellishing the bottom edge, fastened by a silver button within a buttonhole.

A manchette is literally a cuff, created as bangles/cuffs since early jewellery but later manchettes often closely resemble a cuff, “fastened” with laces or buttons. Manchettes were particularly popular in France from the mid eighteenth century and since then. The cuff is unmarked but could easily be French from the design of the silver lace.

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2000 5139

Good. Small unobtrusive old repairs hidden in the frill and one very fine repair on the cuff.
Unknown but possibly France or England

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Detail of a rare Antique silver manchette
Detail of a rare Antique silver manchette

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